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Purchasing Options

Pricing Information

The past few winters have been very challenging for both consumers and suppliers of all energy products. Energy prices have been, and will probably continue to be very volatile. Natural gas, gasoline, heating oil, and most energy products are traded daily on commodity markets. The retail price of these products is based on these markets. We at Star Petroleum strive to provide the best possible service at the best possible price, regardless of the volatility in energy prices.

Payment Options

Pay as You Receive Delivery

You will be billed for each delivery at the daily retail price with special discounts available. Please call us for details.

Budget Plan

Through this plan, we estimate your total annual heating bill and divide your payments equally over 11 months. This will result in smaller monthly payments, as opposed to higher payments concentrated in a few short winter months.  This will make your annual fuel costs more manageable and convenient. Our Budget Plan starts in June and ends in April. Budget payments are due on the 10th of each month. We pay .5% interest on credit balances at the end of each month. If you were on our budget plan last season, we will automatically recalculate and renew your budget.

Price Protection Options

We are able to offer two price protection options by purchasing futures contracts in the commodity markets. These markets are constantly changing. Because of this, prices are subject to change daily without notice. These plans are strictly optional.

Option #1: Pre-Buy Fixed Price Plan

Our Pre-Buy payment option is ideal for customers who wish to pay for their fuel oil before the heating season begins. This plan allows you to purchase the number of gallons of fuel oil you anticipate using throughout the heating season at a low pre-season rate. If the market price of oil increases throughout the heating season, your price will not be affected. Plan ahead with this option and enjoy peace of mind this winter! (This could result in substantial savings).  Call us for details.

Option #2: Price Cap

Our Price Cap may be purchased when participating in either our Pay as You Receive Delivery or our Budget Plan. The Price Cap guarantees you won’t pay more than the cap price per gallon. If market conditions should allow prices to go lower, your price per gallon will also be reduced. This program carries a one-time up front insurance fee. Your Price Cap is set when we receive payment with your signed agreement. Call us for details.

Star Petroleum Purchasing Options