Natural Gas Heating System Installations in Southeastern MA

Are you in need of a natural gas heating system service or installation in your Southeastern Massachusetts home or business? Star Petroleum is here to serve you by installing your new home heating system so you can stay comfortable and safe all year long. We specialize in both oil heating and gas heating systems and have experience in all aspects of home heating. Click the button below to get started on your oil heating installations with Star Petroleum.


Natural gas heating system inside a home

Expert Gas Heating Installations in Massachusetts

As your old natural gas heating system ages or begins to show signs of reduced efficiency, it’s likely that your system is due for an upgrade. Our technicians at Star Petroleum are qualified to service a wide variety of makes and models of heating system equipment. A new natural gas heating system in your Massachusetts home could mean greater benefits (and savings) for you! Our happy natural gas installation customers experience:

  • Highly energy-efficient new systems
  • A reduction in annual fuel costs
  • Greater home comfort & security
  • Fewer service calls needed
  • Increased property value

Interested in having a natural gas heating system installed in your home?

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Your Local Natural Gas Heating Experts

Founded nearly 90 years ago, Star Petroleum has been providing our Southeastern Massachusetts community with quality energy products and prompt, responsive service. Our top priority is ensuring that your family is safe and warm all year long, and that our customers have the energy needed to power their homes and businesses. Trust Star Petroleum as your local propane supplier and take advantage of our competitive heating oil and propane fuel rates, consistent delivery, expert HVAC services, professional installations and friendly customer support.