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Star Petroleum
Heating Service
I want to let you know, our baby was 7 weeks old at the time that the call was made and I can't say enough about how great the service person was. We called late and he was at our house within 20 minutes and stayed until 11:00 p.m. to fix it. We were so grateful.
Star Petroleum
Just got an oil delivery today and calculated my first year's oil use. It was about 1450 gallons, which of course, includes the domestic hot water. The people we purchased our home from used about 1750 gallons per year and ran hot water on electricity at least 6 months of the year. That electric hot water heater cost about $90 per month. So, between the oil and electricity savings, the new Energy Kinetics system we have installed saves us well over $1,000 per year. That's about 10% of the system's cost, which is a terrific savings. What other home improvement pays for itself with an immediate payback plus provides the luxury and security of a brand new heating system? So, thank you!

Our dual ductless heat pumps did a very good job this summer. Even though the summer was unbelievably hot, the house was easily kept cool. To be fair, you will recall we only have 4 interior units. That's not enough to really cool off every one of the 11 rooms in this 250-year-old house (but it did eradicate the humidity in the entire house). However, the main rooms and the bedrooms we used were very comfortable. I consider the house to have "hybrid central air," because the dual ductless units can keep most of the house very comfortable. Based on what I wanted, the installation is a complete success. In addition to that, we had the ductless heat pumps warm up our family room and our sun room a few times this fall, while we let our heating system remain in its summer state.

Here's the real "kicker" with the ductless system. According to Eversource, my 250-year-old house did better than the "top 20%" most efficient houses in our area from June 24 to September 22! In fact, we used at least 21% less electricity than these top 20% most efficient homes on average! According to their records, we used 2,211 kwh for the two months ending September 22, while the top 20% averaged 2,789 and the average for the entire 100 homes was 4,710. I think most houses of this size are air conditioned and now we are also (but at half the energy cost)!
Star Petroleum

Often when a customer writes a letter to a company's owner it's to lodge a complaint. However I'm writing to compliment each of your staff members I've dealt with!

I contacted Energy Kinetics and requested contact info for 3 or 4 of their Premier dealers in my area. I always comparison shop when purchasing expensive items. I first spoke with Michelle, who's been professional and pleasant every time I've spoken with her. She's very good at setting customer expectations, and at follow-up ("Bobby is not in the office. But I'll make sure he gets your message, and calls you back.")

Bob Kerker was the only salesman from the 4 EK dealers to propose a system that did not require an extra $2500 for a stainless steel chimney liner!! (The Resolute 90+)

Scott, Shon, and Jared installed the system, and Wess and Jason have been out to handle issues. They called & kept me informed when they intended to be there, if they were running late or needed to reschedule. The work was done in a very professional workman-like manner, they treated our house with respect, and cleaned up after themselves.

Our last oil boiler system was linked with our heat-pump system. The EK system couldn't easily be linked, and they did verify that the heat-pump system was left fully operative after the changes made.

Each person I've dealt with from your company has left an extremely good impression of your company with me, and I have been letting friends and associates know this.

Star Petroleum
I have been your customer for my oil delivery since 2013. This year my wife and I decided that our Burnham Boiler should be replaced since it was 23 years old and starting to give us some trouble.

After discussing with Scott several options, we decided to go with the System 2000. We set a date of May 19th for installation of the new boiler. Your office informed me that technicians would be at my house at 8am that day. Sure enough at just about 8am the bell rang and it was Dan Pantano who was the first to show up. Dan was at my house on a service call several months ago when I first met him.

Dan started work promptly and answered all my questions. He was very helpful and knowledgeable about the new system. Before you knew it, the old boiler was on the way out the door! Dan and the other three individuals brought to do the work were courteous and very professional. It was very obvious to me that Dan was extremely skilled and experienced. I was very pleased to see that the bulk of the installation was completed on the first day.

Dan informed me that he would be back the next morning to complete the balance of the installation that could not be done the first day. Promptly around 8am Dan started to work on the remainder of the installation. He displayed quality workmanship and professionalism.

I would recommend Star Petroleum Company and Dan Pantano and his crew to anyone who is considering a new heating system in their home.
Star Petroleum
Replaced air conditioning condenser
It went fine. They diagnosed the problem. We arranged a date. They came and fixed it.
Star Petroleum
Thank you very much for taking the time and listen to your customers.  You made my day and re-affirmed my faith in human beings!! Thank you for sending Danny.  He certainly is the best! I look forward to another 20 years with Star.
Thanks Again!
Star Petroleum
Furnish and installed new ductless heat pump for our new break room
Bob came by, accessed project, gathered info and came back with price. I accepted and he moved forward in a very professional manner till job was completed.
Star Petroleum
Installed indirect water heater
Star arrived on time and worked continuously for about 5 hours until done. When completed, they explained everything to me.
Star Petroleum
A new gas furnace was installed
The entire process from the first visit to the completed installation was handled very professionally, honestly, quickly and contentiously. I highly recommend Star Petroleum.
Star Petroleum
Installed new furnace
Professional, cleaned, stayed in estimate.
Star Petroleum
Installed Energy Kinetics System 2000 Boiler EK-l. Installed 40 gallon indirect water heater. Removed old boiler and water heater, re-plumbed all heating lines and bizone heat to all floors.
I have used Star Petroleum for over 23 years. Got quote and days for installation. They were on time and very clean when doing demo. Tech was always showing me what was being done and how it would save me money this season.
Star Petroleum
Installation of new furnace
Star arrived on time and worked continuously for about 5 hours until done. When completed, they explained everything to me.
Star Petroleum
Installation of gas fired warm air furnace with carrier evaporator coil
Very well. Work done in one day to satisfaction.
Star Petroleum
Installed new oil burner and hot water tank
Everyone from the company was incredibly friendly, prompt and knowledgeable. This was my first experience with an oil company and I will call them again. Did my install on Saturday morning so we did not have to stay elsewhere as we were without hot water.
Star Petroleum
Installed new boiler and water tank – System 2000
Star kept our system running as long as possible. When it finally died, they had our new system ready in less than 12 Hrs. They worked with us and got us up and running asap.
Star Petroleum
Installed central air conditioning
Very well – considerate workers, very efficient – neat – left a clean work area.
Star Petroleum
I had a broken furnace replaced
They were very punctual and worked throughout the hours to get it replaced. They went above and beyond by helping with having it financed.